Assignment Two: Industry Research Project (Group)

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Assignment Two: Industry Research Project (Group)

WIL Research Project

Due: Presentation in week 11 (formative feedback)

Word limit:3000 – 3500 words (or less if your diagrams can articulate your research well)

Group size:maximum of 3 members (groups may be chosen by your lecturer)

Mark allocation:Report 50% (all members of the team receive the same result)

The development of your professional skills includes researching organizational issues that are encountered in contemporary business. All students will conduct research with an organization presented during class time. The timeline is fast between the industry presentation and when your report is due (one month). This represents the reality of the workplace where research and presentation of results are often time sensitive. It is vital that you attend all of the classes from week 8-11 as the assignment will be addressed in class time.

Purpose: To conduct research in response to current business issues that your organization will present. This research project will require you to respond to a specific business issue that is presented to you and then design, collect, analyse, interpret, report and present data back to the business via your business report.

The research report should include:

  • a title
  • Mindmap
  • Identification of issue/s
  • literature review
  • Solution
  • SWOT analysis of solution
  • Recommendations
  • References (quality and correct method of presentation – College of Business method). You must have a minimum of 15 references.

This is a major piece of research that will be undertaken by a group of no more than three students.

Please refer to the Interesting materials section for Assignment 2

This assessment will be discussed in class in detail. The Professional Industry presentation will occur in week 8. You will be required to present your ideas in class in week 11.

Assessment criteria

  • Did the report have a clear and appropriate title?
  • Was the mindmap of appropriate depth and help define issue?
  • Did the report clearly identify an issue and present a research question?
  • Did the report use a wide range of relevant literature to assist why the research was undertaken and the outcome of the research?
  • Was the solution well described, original and creative?
  • Is the solution viable?
  • Was the SWOT detailed with at least five (5) thoughts in each section?
  • Did the report provide relevant outcomes/conclusions for the business?
  • High level of English usage & writing skill, succinctness, editing
  • Visual presentation (The use of graphs, visuals and scanned photos are essential to your piece of work. Content, layout, neatness, originality of presentation are important to the overall final product).
  • Was the word limit appropriate?
  • Were the sources of an appropriate number (min 15), level and relevance for post graduate studies?
  • Were the References presented in the correct College of Business format?

Submission of the report
Submit to Canvas by the due date

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