Emerging Educational Technologies Sample Paper

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Emerging Educational Technologies


EDU 542


Strayer University

Padlet is basically an application that may be utilized in creating an online bulletin board for tutors to display information concerning any given topic. The application allows easy creation of accounts and building of new boards where a tutor may add images, links and videos. A Padlet may be installed on the browser enabling the tutor to add the page he/she is browsing to the Padlet and provides a shortcut to check the Padlets. Padlet settings enable the tutor to make its interaction wall fully open for student contributions, fully secure and moderated by the tutor. The tutor approves these contributions prior to their display. The Padlets also includes search, themes, stats and support cross-device compatibility for uploaded videos. Padlet is available online as well as offline as both an Android and iOS app but the versions differ slightly.

Evernote organizes the school’s information since sometimes, it can feel like school documents are managing staff. Whether looking for the latest publications or a specific presentation from ten years ago and swiftly accessing what is required in an easy way. A school setting has a large number of tools and huge amounts of information dispersed across offices and classes. In order to save time and avoid losing hours hunting for the information, a tutor may need to improve teaching. Evernote enables the capturing of essential school documents all in one secure location, despite their different formats. Whether it’s student’s onboarding checklists, teaching modules, or teaching materials; when such information is on a single central hub, all the tutors always have the latest information.



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