Discussion Board MGT 652 1804 01 Unit 5

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Discussion Board

MGT 652 1804 01

Unit 5

I think of all the class I have been doing for the last 5 years and this class has been the hardest. Yet, I have realized I have gain a lot of knowledge. I understand the basic makeup of the HRM department and where to find it not only the company I’m looking at, but it’s competitor also. How to write a full report that is in a way like you have others working with you. This is like having a team doing the report with the same question yet the different answers. Now we will learn how to sort it and bring them in to one report. This is the first time I have had to do a full formal report this well be very important in the HR field and really in any field of management. This class gave very vital information thank you George Yeakey for teaching us and caring about our success.

Well we are getting to the end of the class and I hope we all do well on the IP.