MITS4001 Business Information Systems

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Business Information Systems

Research Study
July 2018
MITS4001 Research Study
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Research Study
Topic: Information System Outsourcing
With the rapid growth of technological advancements within the the last couple of decades,
Information Technology and Systems have become the driving engine of modern organisations.
Noticably, within the last decade, Information System (IS) outsourcing has become more of a
commonplace. IS outsourcing is the practice of turning over part or all of an organisation’s IS
functionalities to external service providers. With the help of outsourcing IS functions,
organisations can focus on their own business strategies and increase their business efficiency.
You should perform a literature survey on the IS outsourcing in order to identify the benefitcs
and challenges associated with IS outsourcing. Based on your literature survey, you need to
create and submit (1) an abstract (2 pages) in IEEE format and (2) a 5-10 mins video presentation
explaining the abstract.