Assignment Topic: Multiculturalism and Healthcare in Ireland (2000 Words)

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Course Title: Sociology of Education

Assignment Topic: Multiculturalism and Healthcare in Ireland (2000 Words)
Assignment Format: Introduction, Body, Suggestions, Conclusion and Reference (Harvard Referencing).
2. Course Title: Theory and Practice of Clinical Health Sciences Education
Assignment Title: Analysis of a Classroom Teaching Session (3000 Words)
Assignment Format/Content:Introduction
Reflection,and analysis of my classroom teaching and assessment teaching session, Theory and Learning that directed the teaching and assessment section, Facilitator/Learner, General Teaching and Assessment Strategies, Teaching and Assessment Strategies used, Effectiveness/ineffectiveness of the teaching and assessment strategies used and rationale for the strategies used, Reflection on what I might do differently, what I have learnt from the teaching and assessment session/my future development goal, Implications for practice.
3. Curriculum Issues in Healthcare (Details of the third assignment question are in the attachment below)