Graphic communication

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This is a reasonable start and your topic shows engagement with the Mini Block content. There is some evidence of research other than those cited in the presentations – but you should try to go beyond what was provided – eg carry out your own research – otherwise the text will become very descriptive. You writing style is good – but a little dry – lets hear more of your interpretation of the ideas discussed? Indicative grade, to be confirmed at summative assessment at the end of the year: C’


China-kenya economic cooperation

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This is a paper I’m going to defend, so it needs more clarification than one I would hand in.

The main problem I have with this paper is that the previous writer just copied from other papers.

1. It was mostly text and not structured text. I feel most comfortable when subtitles (like 5.0) have main points (like (5.1, 5.2, etc) cause it makes the paper concise and not too wordy


2. the main question that will be answered in the conclusion at the end of the thesis and then the same conclusion should support my opinion on the china-kenya economic cooperation (I’m not really a fan of it, I’ll have a problem defending it otherwise.)
Must have points of the thesis, introduction aside: (you can add extra points you deem important but remember I cannot exceed 8000 words, I prefer a maximum of 6500-7000, minimum must be 6000)

In the main body there MUST be these points (instructions from the supervisor). If you can find more fitting ones, you can add them but these ones must be a part of the thesis.

I. Introduction
1. Nature of the study
2. Problem statement and Research question
3. Objectives
4. Methodology
5. Data collection


II. Overview of the Chinese economic presence in Kenya
1. Aid
2. Trade
3. Investment

III. Analysis of the interactive relations between trade, investment and aid
1. Aid-Investment
2. Investment-Trade
3. Trade-Aid

IV. Evaluation of the effect of Chinese economic presence in Kenya (using aid, trade and investment)
1. Positive effects (quote Dambisa Moyo’s point as a passage in this subtitle, not a subhead)
2. Negative effects

V. In the conclusion
(there should be these following points)
1. Briefly compare west-kenya vs china-kenya economic cooperation?
2. What is the importance, relevance and significance of this study?
3. Policy paper implications and theory.
3.1. Domestic market
3.2. Regional integration
3.3. International trade
4. What the research brings to the table in terms of this question (the research question that has to be in the introduction)
5. Policy recommendations

They are going to need like an analysis of the figures and tables plus the formulas. And from the text around them, it’s not clear.
all the abbreviations should be listed
references and footnotes


Strategic Analysis: Organizational & Competitive

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The goal of conducting a competitor analysis is to gather information about the company’s competitors and systematically formulate a strategy to become the market leader in the industry. In formulating any strategy, it is imperative that the company understand its organizational structure as well as the internal and external forces which could impact their strategic decisions.


Based on the company you chose in the previous module, analyze the organization’s mission, vision, and values, its ability to compete, and the effectiveness of its management team in executing strategy. Some of the factors to be considered in doing this evaluation include the company’s internal resource capabilities, its relative cost position, and its competitive strength. In addition, evaluate the competitive strategy of your selected organization and examine how this strategic approach drives the rest of the strategic actions the company undertakes in terms of product line, production emphasis, marketing emphasis, and the means for sustaining the strategy. Make sure to include at least one analytical tool such as SWOT analysis, Porter’s, BCG, etc. in your analysis.


Research your selected organization’s strategy and analyze the following elements:


  • The organization’s mission, vision, and values. What does it tell you about the company, their culture, their direction? Does it convey the purpose and primary objectives of the company? If so, how, if not what is missing?
  • The organization’s strategic goals. Based on your research, what are the top three strategic goals of your chosen company?
  • The relative alignment of strategic goals with the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Include at least three examples of how the strategic goals help and/or hinder the organization in achieving its mission, vision, and values.
  • Additions or changes you would recommend to the strategic goals to better achieve the company’s mission, vision, and values. Include at least two additions or changes and justify your response.
  • Describe the relevant external factors and influences (at least 3) which could affect the decisions the company makes about its direction, objectives, strategy, and business model.
  • Describe the Internal factors and influences (at least 3) which could impact the company’s decision making such as the company’s market position and its competencies, capabilities, resource strengths and weaknesses, and competitiveness.
  • Does your selected organization have a focused strategy that differentiates it from other companies in the same marketplace? Explain your answer.
  • Is the organization seeking a competitive advantage by taking the initiative in the marketplace? Explain your answer.
  • Does the organization have a strategy for competing in international markets? Does it appear to have a solid understanding of local customer needs and preferences to create customized products or services? Does it appear to know how to transfer company expertise to initiate actions to compete internationally?
  • Make sure you utilize at least one analytical tool in your analysis of this section.

Write up your findings in a 6 to 8 page MS Word format paper which complies with APA standards, including proper grammar and spelling. Include at least three scholarly resources in your report.


Understanding Health promotion and planning for health promotion

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Course: Health Promotion
Subject Name: Planning and evaluation
Level: Undergraduate year 2
Reference: Harvard
Assignment Topic: Understanding Health promotion and planning for health promotion
Format: annotated bibliography (report written in third person)
Length: 300-350 words



Composition: The annotated bibliography must include the following in your final list:
1. Talbot and Verrinder 2010 (100-150 words)
2. Dukobo 2011 Chapter 2– Ecological perspectives on health promotion (100-150 words)


Materials provided:
1. Information and guidelines
2. Marking rubric
3. Example 1
4. Example 2
5. source  Talbot and Verrinder 2010
6. source  Dukobo 2011 Chapter 2


Opinion polls attempt to predict the results of local, state and federal elections

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Assignment 1: Discussion

Opinion polls attempt to predict the results of local, state and federal elections. Discuss six reasons why the results of the opinion poll and the outcome of the election may differ. In each case describe techniques that can be used to increase the likelihood of the results being accurate.



Assignment 2


You are a quality analyst with John and Sons Company. Your company manufactures fax machines, copiers, and printers that use plain paper. The CEO of the company wants the machines to handle 99.5 percent of all the paper that is used in them without the paper getting jammed. The CEO asks you to determine the thickness of paper that the machines must be able to handle to achieve this target. Using the data provided(located in the Doc Sharing area as Worksheet AUO_MGT340_M3-rev.xls), prepare a 6-8 slide PowerPoint presentation directed to the CEO of John and Sons Company detailing your findings. Make sure you include the appropriate confidence limits for the thickness of paper that the machines must be able to handle. Use the notes section in PPT to clarify your talking points. You must use at least one data chart, one additional graphic and three additional resources (one of which may be your text book) in your presentation to support your analysis


Vulnerability and Attack Analysis Plan

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Vulnerability and Attack Analysis Plan
For this course you will assess an organization, collect information, pinpoint vulnerabilities and come up with an attack plan that should work in theory. This project is not meant to be carried out but is meant to build a plan that will be used without actually taking the steps to perform the attack.
This project will be performed in two phases; the first will be an outline of the plan with a summary of tasks to be completed. The second is a group paper that will reveal all of the details of the attack.


The Outline of the Attack Plan
Develop an attack plan that covers these criteria:
1.    Choose a company/organization for analysis/attack.
2.    Give summary information about the organization. Remember, you have to think like an intruder – what information do you think would be relevant?
3.    Find tools on the web that could help you find information about systems/networks, etc.. that could be used to find vulnerable points. Remember, you have to find this info, use tools to look for more information and vulnerabilities that you could exploit. Name these tools and what they can do to help.
4.    Is social engineering an option here? What methods could you use to gather sensitive information? What questions might you ask? What kind of messages could you send? What are some physical security flaws (if any) do you think would be an option or not relevant?
5.    This outline can be presented in a Power Point presentation, complete with illustrations, and references. For illustrations, screenshots can be used to display various techniques you might employ.
6.    This presentation should be at least 12-15 slides, any style you wish and must have references to information you use. Keep in mind, this is not meant to be very detailed, this is just an outline of the plan. The details will go in the paper.