Project #2 – Behavior Driven Development

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INFO-6067 Testing for Development

Project: Project #2 – Behavior Driven Development
Due Date: Friday December 07: 11:59 pm
Submitting: Please see the last page for instructions.


Professor: Andy Wing


Student Name: _________________________ID: _______________
Student Name: _________________________ID: _______________

Marks: 50

Project 2:


This is an individual project.



For this project you will use the following requirements to:

  • Use ATDD and Gherkin to develop a set of Acceptance criteria for each feature and scenario you identify.
  • You will then use TDD to implement the scenarios as unit tests and make those tests pass.
  • You must have a working application when you are done.
  • Your last step will be to create a class with a ‘main” method to execute all of the application code you created to demonstrate the working module.
  • You will submit:
    • your feature file with your Gherkin scenarios
    • your Junit test case your created through TDD
    • your application code created through TDD






  • You will create a bowling game.
  • The program will ask the user to play 10 frames.
  • Each frame the user will tell the game to roll.
  • The game will tell the user what they got on their roll.


  • The game consists of 10 frames as shown below.


  • In each frame the player has two opportunities to knock down 10 pins. The score for the frame is the total number of pins knocked down, plus bonuses for strikes and spares.
  • A spare is when the player knocks down all 10 pins in two tries. The bonus for that frame is the number of pins knocked down by the next roll.
    • So in frame 3 above, the score is 10 (the total number knocked down) plus a bonus of 5 (the number of pins knocked down on the next roll.)


  • A strike is when the player knocks down all 10 pins on his first try. The bonus for that frame is the value of the next two balls rolled.
  • In the tenth frame a player who rolls a spare or strike is allowed to roll the extra balls to complete the frame. However no more than three balls can be rolled in tenth frame.


More detail on the rules. (“Just for reference”)











Marks Available What the Marks Awarded For.  Any amount of plagiarism will be awarded a zero.

Your code must compile and run or you will receive zero

Marks Awarded
5 Correct use of the Gherkin notation  
5 Valid and appropriate scenarios  
5 Good coverage of the requirements  
5 Appropriate Unit tests  
5 Appropriate use of JUnit  
50 Requirements have been met  
5 Junit code runs and all tests pass  
5 Code is commented  
5 Follow all instructions to the letter.  









How should I submit my project?


Electronic Submission (mandatory):

Zip your files into a zipfile called “”

Submit your file to the “Project 2” dropbox in FanshaweOnline.

Make sure to write your name and student number on the first page.


Submit your paper on time!

Submissions must be made on time! Late projects will be subject to divisional policy on missed test and late projects.

Submit your own work and keep it to yourself!

It is considered cheating to submit work done by another student or from another source. Helping another student cheat by sharing your work with them is also not tolerated. Students are encouraged to share ideas and to work together on practice exercises, but any code or documentation prepared for a project must be done by the individual student. Penalties for cheating or helping another student cheat may include being assigned zero on the project with even more severe penalties if you are caught cheating more than once. Just submit your own work and benefit from having made the effort on your own.

All work will be subject to “TurnItIn” scrutiny.



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